BREKKA is a celebration of your “after everything” personal time, when you finally have time to be you!
Urban smart essentials garments are the basis of a collection that is functional and well thought out, perfect for the design savvy, with everyday pieces and accessories that make the difference.


BREKKA has a story dating back to decades, born with a ski and mountain DNA, recognized by Italians and as typical 80's / 90's iconic brand of accessories.

BREKKA was born from a Pocket-size idea in 1988 from the intuition of two “Milanese” friends, the AMAKA SKI: a pocket snow chair that uses skis and ski poles as a frame.

In the 90s BREKKA becomes the official supplier of the Italian Winter Sports Federation and its products are worn by some of the greatest skiers in history: Alberto Tomba, Kristian Ghedina and Deborah Compagnoni.

In 2012 BREKKA designed its first apparel collection and since 2015 has presented two outerwear and accessories collections per year.

In the recent decade the brand lived with a more urban soul, casual direction, becoming know also for this lifestyle.